Friday, May 20, 2011

Epherma ???

Epherma:  Noun

1.  Items of collectible memorabilia, typically written or printed ones,
     that were originally expected to have only short-term usefulness or


Epherma...This is not a word I used until the last several years, but it
was something I collected.  For as long as I can remember, I have
collected and saved the "stuff" of ticket stubs, post-cards,
programs from church or school events, cards sent to me and anything
else that I happened upon that would commenerate a particular event
or life experience.  I didn't realize until recently that I just may have
"inherited" this love/need of collecting stuff from my mother...
As my parents have gotten older, I have been assisting them with
getting some things better organized.  They want me to know where
all of their "important" papers and documents are located and filed.
During this process, I have found some things, that to me, are
A sheet of stationery that my Mom saved from the Motel where she and my Dad
spent their first night as husband and wife.

This sheet of stationery is one of the "stuff of life" items that I recently found
at my  parents home.  A sheet of paper that is 58 years old...I love that my Mom
has kept it all these years.

A post-card from a pizza restaurant in Miami.  My parents visited this
restaurant soon after they moved to Miami in 1952.
It was the first time my Mom ate pizza.

The first time my Mom ate pizza...the beginning of a favorite food...
I called her a few days ago around "dinner time"...she was eating pizza.

I love hearing the life stories of my parents, other family members and
those I meet on this journey of life...and collecting the "stuff" of life
makes the stories even better.


  1. Hi Kathy,
    I am guilty of saving some of these types of things, too. I still have a poster from early high school days of a concert that was advertised at the Orlando Sports Stadium. They were sponsored by the Infinite Mushroom and Indigo Lights...names that you may remember. I think the tickets were like 8.50 to go see Greg Allman. I also have an old Vagabond Hotel brochure from a hotel in Miami. Love the old cars and photos on the brochure...similar to that postcard your Mom kept. The memories of life...puzzle pieces of our lives that, once put together, paint a picture and tell a story of who we are today. Give you parents a big hug for me. Have a beautiful day! xoxo Kim

  2. Hi Kim,

    The Infinite Mushroom...I definitely remember that shop. In fact, I think you and I have been there together. $8.50 for a concert...that is amazing!! I have quite a few "items" from our high school days. I kept a scrapbook even back then. (That's a post for another day.) I also have a photo of one of my very best friends in her orange corvette. :) I will share that with you soon. Have a great day!!