Sunday, May 15, 2011


Prelude:  Noun

1.  A preliminary to an action, event, condition, or
work of broader scope and higher importance.

2.  Any action, event, comment, etc. that precedes something else.

This is the prelude to MY life story...My parents:

My parents were married in 1952 in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky. 
They had a small wedding ceremony in a Nazarene Church. 
The attendants at their wedding were my Mom's oldest brother,
 his wife, and their young daughter. 
They spent their first night as husband and wife in Lexington, Kentucky. 
The following day,they began a trip to Florida in a brand new 1952 Ford.  
They would be living in Opa Locka where my Dad was stationed
 with the United States Marine Corps.  They were ready to begin their life together. 
They rented a small apartment and lived there for approximately 6 to 7 months.
My Dad was discharged from the Marine Corps in January 1953
and they moved to Dayton, Ohio. 

I was born 2 1/2 years later  In Dayton. 
My first home was a bungalow style home that my father
built with the help of my Mom's youngest brother. 
Even though my parents sold that home before I entered Kindergarten,  
I still have fond memories of that house, the flower garden
and playing in the yard.  In fact, I would love to buy that house today,
the house that was my first home,
and move it to the mountainsof North Carolina. 
Maybe someday...

Me, in front of my first home.

This is the beginning of my story...and, I lovingly dedicate this blog to my parents.

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  1. Welcome to dearest friend! Be prepared to be transformed through blogging. It has fulfilled a creative and artistic spot in my heart and put me into connection with some very talented and wonderful people. I love your posting on your parents and the photos are great. Love the photo of you in front of your first home when you were a little girl. I will enjoy reading your blog each day. Congratulations on the beginning of your blogging journey! Love you lots!!!! xoxo Kim